Craftwerk is not developed anymore. diagrams has a much nicer API and many more features (go check it out, it's really nice!). Also there is a TikZ backend, the updated version for diagrams 0.5 by Chris Mears can be found here. I also maintain a fork of diagrams-tikz here on github.

Craftwerk is a high-level and easy to use graphics library for Haskell with integrated TikZ output. Craftwerk tries to encapsulate the graphics backend such that figures can also be rendered with a Cairo backend and quickly displayed in a Gtk window. The aim is to support TikZ and Cairo as seamlessly as possible, meaning that graphics produced with either backend should look as similar as possible. Other backends are easily written and the aim is to provide generic fallback functions for features that are not natively supported by some backend.

Install package

cabal install craftwerk
cabal install craftwerk-cairo
cabal install craftwerk-gtk

Find the package & documentation here for cw, cw-cairo and cw-gtk.


Get the source and collaborate here on github.


A few examples can be seen here here. The examples are also included in the cabal package. More coming soon.

Problems, Questions?

Write an email to malte (dot) harder (at) gmail (dot) com, or submit an issue.

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